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ends 31 Mar 2023, 11:59 PM

St. Andrew's Autism School offers a customised curriculum for over 300 students with autism to equip them with knowledge as well as life and social skills to better prepare them for life after graduation.

Transport is catered for their daily commute to school and essential for our students with autism, most of whom will be unable to take public transport because of their more complex needs. The recent increase in oil prices and GST have resulted in higher transport fees. This has taken a toll on many of our students from low income families (over 150) like John (not the real name).

John's father works in a wet market and earns less than $1000 per month while his mother is a home maker who takes care of him and 5 other siblings. The daily commute is essential to ensure that John receives the required education and learns to be an independent individual who can contribute back to the community.

Transport fee per student can be up to $500 per month. Despite the subsidies, additional help is still required for John and many of our students from low income families.

Please donate generously to help our students with autism attend school. Thank you.

About The Charity

Out of passion to care for the physical, emotional and social well-being of the community, the St. Andrew's Medical Mission was founded in 1913 by Dr. Charlotte Ferguson-Davie, the wife of the first Anglican Bishop of Singapore who was also a medical doctor herself. Seeing the plight of the local women and children of that time and the lack of medical services for them, Dr. Ferguson-Davie set up a dispensary along Bencoolen Street for the destitute women and children. The Medical Mission continued to meet the locals' needs and thus led to the opening of more dispensaries and eventually, St. Andrew's Mission Hospital in 1923 and St. Andrew's Orthopaedic Hospital in 1939.

Working closely with the Government, SAMH constantly developed its services to meet the relevant needs of our local community at all times. Today, SAMH has under its operation: St. Andrew's Autism Centre, St. Andrew's Community Hospital, St. Andrew's Nursing Home, St. Andrew's Senior Care, St. Andrew's Migrant Worker Medical Centre, St. Andrew's Mission School and St. Andrew's Mission Hospital Clinic.


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