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ends 30 Oct 2017, 11:59 PM

Thank you very much for your generosity and kindness. We have reached the amount required to support Tanya's operation cost with your help !!

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Nan Ren Po, 5 yrs gal living in forest with 3 other dogs. She is cared for by kind feeders.

She was seen with an abnormal dangling leg from afar. And finally two days later, feeder was able to get closer as she lied still and was approachable. Slimy substations, blood stains and swelling on her hind leg was not a good sign. She was immediately brought back to a boarding place and examined by vet.

She had multiple abrasions and two punctured wounds still oozing blood when she reached the vet. From X-rays, you can see her left hind leg broken. Vet advised a surgery soonest possible to avoid further infection and further complications.

NanRenPo is still at the vet. Her road to recovery would not be easy.

We seek your help as guardian angels for NanRenPo! Please donate to her surgery and treatment. No amount is too small.

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