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ends 07 Oct 2019, 11:59 PM

Please join me to donate towards Cat Welfare Society's Sterilisation Fundraiser!

About Campaign

It's time to catch them all!

CWS has received requests to sterilise nearly 250 cats in our industrial areas in the past couple of weeks but we don't have the budget to take on all of these projects.

Without prompt sterilisation, their numbers will explode and there aren't enough resources for all these hungry mouths. The growing population might force the companies to engage pest control services. By then it would be too late and many lives will be lost.

We need your help to catch them all!

Please donate generously to the trapping, neutering and boarding of the industrial kitties. They deserve a chance to lead better lives!

Our fundraising goal for 250 cats is $38,500.


Here is a breakdown of the anticipated costs for these areas:

250 cats

Average cost of sterilisation = $70

Boarding costs per cat per night = $16 per cat per night

Average no. of nights of boarding per cat = 4

50 trapping sessions = $5000

250 * 70 + 250 * 4 * 16 + 5000 = 17500 + 16000 + 5000 = S$38,500

The cost of sterilisation is an average between the sterilisation costs for a male cat and a female cat with complications.

The number of nights for boarding is an average of the minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 5 days.

The number of trapping sessions is based on an average of 5 cats being taken in each trapping session.


We also have many upcoming events this month to support our fundraiser, so do check out the events on our Facebook page for more details!

About The Charity

Cat Welfare Society is a charity that advocates the harmonious co-existence of humans and cats. We are at the forefront of humane management of the community cat population and educating the importance of responsible cat ownership.

For years, we have campaigned against the destruction of cats by offering a more effective and long term solution - education and sterilisation. As a charity, we function as a network of three staff, ten board members, twenty core volunteers and countless dedicated caregivers, rescuers, fosters and rehomers who work towards the same goal.

We are heavily reliant on donations to continue our work. We are a registered charity with IPC status that is audited annually and we publish our financial reports on our website.

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