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ends 15 Oct 2022, 11:59 PM

Children facing traumatic life circumstances often have difficulty verbalising their feelings and thoughts, fears and worries. These feelings and thoughts, if left unexpressed or unprocessed, can take a heavy toll on the mind and body, creating deeply distressing psychological and physical symptoms.

The Red Pencil (Singapore) partners with hospitals, family centres, foster homes, elderly homes, shelters, schools, prisons, and health-related institutions to bring arts therapy to children as well as adults and less privileged families who have been through overwhelming and traumatic life circumstances such as life-threatening illness, violence and abuse.

The Red Pencil's on-site programmes are facilitated by certified and registered art therapists who will guide beneficiaries through therapeutic artmaking activities and discussions, providing a creative outlet for release, relief, reflection, repair and restoration in the lives of its beneficiaries.

Would you GIFT these children, trapped in pain and suffering, a safe and comfortable space to express their feelings and thoughts, and let them journey through their fears and worries, and emerge stronger, more resilient and empowered to forge their lives ahead?

Thank you so much for your kindness and support.

About The Charity

The Red Pencil (Singapore) is an Institution of Public Character and a registered charity founded in Singapore with a mission to bring the benefits of arts therapy (drawing, music, movement and dance) to children, adults and less privileged families who have been through overwhelming and traumatic life circumstances such life-threatening illness, violence and abuse, for which they may have no words.

We partner with hospitals, family centres, foster and elderly homes and shelters, schools and prisons, and all health-related institutions to help them incorporate arts therapy as part of their existing psycho-social programmes.

The creative process of arts therapy allows our service users to express the unspeakable, to experience release and relief, to find new resources, gain self-confidence and feel empowered to move on towards a more hopeful and happier life. At The Red Pencil (Singapore), we are dedicated to the resilience and long-term recovery of the most vulnerable from all walks of life, to allow them to grow and become healthy and happy human beings for the world of tomorrow.

Through arts therapy, The Red Pencil (Singapore) helps break the vicious cycles of helplessness and violence, reduces stress and trauma and offers a way of expression towards balance, self-empowerment and resilience. Anyone, anywhere, at any stage in their life, can benefit from arts therapy.


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