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ends 24 Nov 2019, 11:59 PM

Tragedy struck last Thursday evening. Poor Lois Lane was found by her caregivers, unable to walk. No one seemed to know what had happened to her, as she was still behaving normally that morning. When SPCA picked her up for treatment, they traced her microchip back to us, as she was one of the dogs we had sterilized back in 2016.

Lois Lane was paralyzed from waist down, and had some superficial scratches. We initially suspected that she had been involved in an accident, but x-rays had shown no obvious fractures or injuries to her bones. Our next step was to send her for a CT scan to look for what could be possibly causing her to be immobile. Her CT alone would cost us $2500, to find out what's wrong in order to treat her.

Lois Lane is currently warded at vet. CT scans had shown that she likely has an embolism in her spinal cord, causing her paralysis. She would need intensive therapy to help her regain use of her legs, and it's likely she will need to be warded for a period of time, till she gets well enough to eat and go to the toilet on her own. We hope to be able to raise $8000 to cover her CT scan, as well as her hospitalization and treatment, to give her a chance at recovery.

Please help sweet Lois Lane walk again. Donate, and share her story with your friends. Thank you!

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