Our Campaign Story

ends 12 Dec 2016, 11:59 PM

Dear friends and colleagues,

I will be participating in the Standard Chartered Marathon on the 4th of December. And like I did for the Army Half-Marathon, I would like to use this Marathon to fundraise for the needy patients under TTSH Community Fund.

This is the first time I am attempting a full marathon, your support will mean the world to me. Every dollar you donate will go directly to funding the charity's activities. I ask that you donate generously. Help me make this run more meaningful.

For the amount we spend on a night out having drinks, or a dinner at a fancy restaurant, or a meal we order through deliveroo, or even just the amount we spend on uber because we wake up late, a needy patient can get the aid s/he needs on their road to recovery.

Help me help them.

Thank you!

Find out more about TTSH Community Fund at https://www.ttsh.com.sg/ttshcf/
Like/follow their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/TTSH-Community-Fund-134306973298962/

About The Charity

1844. Merchant Tan Tock Seng, together with a group of friends donated a sum of 7000 Spanish dollars to build the Paupers' Hospital for the poor sick in the community. In keeping with this Legacy of Giving, Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) set up the TTSH Community Fund in August 1995 to improve the quality of life of our less fortunate patients.

Today, the Fund runs over 100 patient-centred programs, disbursing more than $2 million each year for its activities. We support over 2,500 needy patient cases, especially the elderly and those who fall between the gaps of the system, and are unable to receive help from traditional charitable agencies. Our charity is unique in that it centres on helping those who cannot or do not receive adequate or timely help in the community.

It provides timely help to needy patients and their families with their out-of-pocket medical expenses, vis a vis, non-standard medication, costly breathing equipment so that patients can go home, mobility aids, nutrition and home-based community rehabilitation programmes and many other areas of needs.

Please visit www.ttsh.com.sg/ttshcf/ for more information.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.