About Campaign

ends 30 Nov 2016, 11:59 PM
Most of the elderlies admitted into our homes are categorised as destitute. They have nobody to look after them and are unable to care for themselves. They are either recovering from serious health setbacks or are amputees who need assistance with daily activities like feeding and bathing.
They often do not have visits from family members nor friends, they are deprived of the fundamental love and care that everyone need.
You can make their stay here a better one by donating to maintain the basic needs. Donation also goes to fun activities or outings that are organised for the residents. These activities put smiles on their faces and these smiles show that they have, for that brief moment, forgotten about the pain and loneliness they feel.
Your contribution, no matter how small, will allow residents to have better lives away from home. You may feel like your contribution is a drop in an ocean. But every drop counts!

About the Charity

The elderly and sick in All Saints Home are from low-income families or lack family support. Some of the elderly who have children, are themselves retired with their own medical conditions. Most of them came with their unique set of social issues. Gradually, some of the elderly faces abandonment and All Saints Home is left to meet their impending medical and nursing needs without the family's assistance. Hence, we seek your generous and compassionate support in our work to help the elderly and sick to age gracefully despite of their illnesses.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.