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ends 30 Nov 2016, 11:59 PM
You have made the impossible possible.. I'll always remember your kindness, you are a role model and I hope one day I will be one to others too :D - Nat & Family.
Life was a nightmarish roller coastal ride 3 years ago for Nat and Ani. In a short time, they became homeless, their family fell apart when dad abandoned them and mom lost her PR status in Singapore. They were at the verge of being sent to a welfare home when Family Partners came to support them. 2 Family Partners provided kinship support and warm meals and another provided school pocket money & financed Nat for a 6-month internship in Australia. He linked Ani with connections that support her dream to become a director of photography. Mom's reunion with the girls is now probable with the Family Partner sponsoring her PR reinstatement. Nat is now gainfully employed and Ani is doing well in Media Studies. Not only are they inspired to do well, they also aspire to become a Family Partners when they have the means to do so.

About the Charity

Registered in June 2004, MILK (Mainly I Love Kids) Fund ("MILK Fund") is a charity organisation that was set up to reach out and help disadvantaged children who "fall through the cracks" of our social safety net. We work alongside mainstream programmes, through our partners, to plug the gaps and provide a holistic approach that guide these disadvantaged children back to mainstream society. Besides plugging service gaps, MILK Fund is also focusing on transformational programmes that can help children break out of the poverty cycle. These children come from low-income, troubled families or impoverished communities and some are physically challenged. We support them in their education, care and guidance, vocational and livelihood development and other special needs so as to give them the opportunity to develop to their full potential.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.


Lillie Ngiow, Contact Person