Our Campaign Story

ends 31 Dec 2023, 11:59 PM

Donate generously to help Sian Chay's patients. With the rapid ageing of the Singaporean population, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) will play an even more critical role in the treatment of chronic diseases as well as illnesses afflicting the elderly.

As a non-profit charity, Sian Chay relies on the generosity of donors to cover its annual operating expenses of $10 million. Most of Sian Chay's patients are from low-income families. Every $10 donation goes a long way toward helping a needy patient receive the needed medical treatment.

A lighter financial constraint and a relieved medical condition translate to less stress and added family bliss. However, we cannot do it alone. We rely on the generosity and kindness of donors and volunteers like you to keep our mission going.

We thank you for your donation, and we are pleased to share that your donations are eligible for a 250% tax deduction.

Please contact Cecilia Woo at [email protected] for donation inquiries.

About The Charity

Story of Sian Chay
Century long Sian Chay Medical Institution welcomes your support.

Trust, Action, Attitude and conduct are Honourable and Respectable Virtues of charity work. Sian Chay welcomes corporations and benevolent individuals to join hands to promote the spirit of philanthropy.
Every $10 donation to the low income family will not only support one patient visit for free TCM consultation, medicine, acupuncture treatments or tuina therapy, but also help one family of four.

This will relieve them from suffering and pain; as well as promote a blissful family life.
Let our full time voluntary Executive Chairman, Mr Toh Soon Huat to serve you.
To date Sian Chay has a branch network of 14 branches island wide serving the the residents.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.