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ends 07 Dec 2017, 11:59 PM

Fynn, a nervous little puppy snick under one of our vehicles on Jurong Island, and there were no signs of his family around. We put him together with 3 other puppies from another litter and he warmed up and blended in very quickly.

When he was about 6 mths old, Jurong Island caretakers noticed his lost of appetite and weight. Fynn was brought to vet and diagnosed with kidney failure. It was suspected that this is due to his low resistance to the poor environmental conditions.

Luck for Fynn, a fosterer stepped in to nurse him before his health deteriorates further.

While caring for him, fosterer noticed he is prone to vomit when consumed too much proteins and treats. An ultrasound investigation revealed that he was also suffering from reactive lymph nodes that caused intestinal tract inflammation and bleeding. This in turn caused his lost of appetite and nausea.

Fynn has to have subcutaneous shots on a daily basis to flush out the toxin in his body as his liver was too weak to do the job. With proper medication, supplements and closely following the prescribed diet, Fynn's condition has stabilized, and requires only 2 shots a week.

Todate Fynn's medical bills total $3700 and continues to grow till he is fully recovered. Please help us fight this battle alongside him by helping with his medical costs. No amount is too small !

And, we are still looking for a family with an open heart to open their house to Fynn. Click here and start a discussion: http://bit.ly/2gOlYbo

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