Our Campaign Story

ends 07 Mar 2021, 11:59 PM


Our very first friends, teachers & childhood heroes.

Growing up, I've always looked up to my grandparents.

Kind, loving and altruistic.

They've taught me about being a better person subtly, modelling the way with the little deeds.

Spending time with them opened my eyes to health struggles old age brings and the rising medical costs & living expenses. Every visit to the hospital pains me, and how I wish I can do anything to make things better for them. Thankfully, they've remained healthy mostly and I pray for their good health & happiness for years to come.

On this point, I know there are many less-privileged seniors in society who struggle financially and hope to help them. After all, if not for our pioneers, we won't be enjoying a lot of what we have today.

On 5-7 Mar, I'll be raising funds attempting David Goggins' 4x4x48 challenge.

For every 4 hours in the 48h period:
- max. incline treadmill walk w/16kg vest
- 100 pull ups

I'm always looking for a challenge, especially a meaningful one & hope to raise funds through this event while getting the community to join me in fundraising with a good workout.

110% of my effort is guaranteed and I hope that you'll join me on my mission here. Follow my journey here: https://www.instagram.com/limitthelimits/

This campaign is for the ones who made today possible; this is From My Generation To Yours, With Love.

About The Charity

The roots of Ren Ci traced back to 1994 with the primary mission of providing affordable medical, nursing and rehabilitative care services for the community, living to its name of "compassion" and "benevolence". This is driven by the principle of serving all with loving kindness and compassion, regardless of background, race and religion.

Most of the long-staying residents in our nursing homes come from low income families, while some are destitute. Suffering from multiple chronic medical conditions, their long-term healthcare needs have been draining them financially. While majority of the patients are either wheelchair bound or bedridden, they still long to return to their loved ones someday.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.