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ends 16 Jun 2021, 11:59 PM

One hill. One Ride. 8848m.
Hi, I am Jonathan, a young boy waiting for his enlistment who just completed cycling up the elevation of Mount Everest by cycling 110 laps of Mount Faber in less than 24 hours.

Having the heart for the migrant workers here in Singapore, I hope to bless them by lessening their financial burdens! So here is a small contribution with a big challenge, Everesting.

Everesting: riding up the height of Mount Everest (8848m) on one hill, in one ride.

About Campaign

Migrant workers help keep households, businesses and industries running in Singapore. But sometimes, they can run into difficulties with abusive employers.

The MEANS (Migrants Emergency Assistance and Support) Community Impact Fund helps migrant workers (including domestic helpers) who are legally employed in Singapore under R passes, work permits or special passes. It provides immediate and short-term financial assistance to needy and distressed migrant workers by covering:

1. Medical care to ill or injured workers who are abandoned, abused, under threat or under fed by their employers or whose medical care is not covered by their employers.

2. Shelter and basic necessities to injured workers or those seeking redress against unfair employment practices such as violence at work or contract violation.
3. Transport cost for workers who need to go to the various authorities (like Ministry of Manpower or the police) to resolve their cases regarding unfair employment practices as well as workers seeking employment while assisting in investigations.

To help some 200 of these migrant workers, we need to raise $100,000.

Your contribution will help give these disadvantaged workers the means to get by.

(Photos: Tom White)

About The Charity

The Community Foundation of Singapore is a non-profit organisation founded in 2008 to encourage and enable philanthropy in Singapore. We match donors' interest with causes and offer ways for them to make a greater impact through their charitable funds. We also collaborate with charity partners to identify programmes that support diverse communities. Our purpose is to create real and meaningful change while building a philanthropic culture in Singapore. CFS is a registered charity with Institution of a Public Character status.

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