Our Campaign Story

ends 31 Oct 2022, 11:59 PM

Hi, I'm Jillian and this is the second year running that I'm raising funds for Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH).

One year on, and the world is still feeling the effects of the pandemic, but in some way, it has connected us and brought to light the importance of mental health. It is encouraging to know that the awareness of mental health issues is being amplified on the news, giving it a much needed awareness and space to hold conversations, and to lessen the stigma that surrounds it.

My heart goes out to caregivers - caring for the well-being of others and loved ones at the expense of themselves, and to youths and individuals who have no one to turn to in these isolating times (especially during the peak of lockdown). I hope that the funds raised can provide the resources - be it in the form of professional help, education, awareness or community support for anyone who is going through a dark season in life.

This October, for every $1 donated, I'll cover 1km - in the form of bike/run/swim - because I tri, and I will try to share the journey because you're a part of it.

Send me a holler if you have donated, I'd love to send you a handwritten letter as a form of appreciation! DM on IG: @sxjsee.

About Campaign

Donations raised through this campaign will be matched dollar for dollar by ToteBoard and Government.

Raising awareness can help reduce the stigma around mental illnesses.

Let's share the importance of mental health and illness within the communities.

The #ItStartsFromHome (ISFH) campaign is rooted in bringing family values, such as care and concern, showing kindness, learning together, building connections, and bringing hope within our community.

How to get started?

1. Connect with us on your fundraising proposal.
2. Learn more about the work we do and the mental health cause.
3. Engage your community.

Keep the message alive! Pass it on! See below "who's fundraising for us" for ideas on how you can be our champion for mental wellness for all today!

Start your own peer-to-peer fundraiser and rope in your family & friends for a good cause.

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For fundraising enquires, email: [email protected]

About The Charity

Your donation matters.

Your invaluable donation can empower and help our beneficiaries in their journey to recovery and mental wellness. With your kind support, we can continue to provide rehabilitative, outreach, and creative services and programmes to persons with mental health issues, and help them recover and reintegrate back into the community.

Your generous gift also counts in funding our efforts to raise public awareness about mental well-being and resilience, as well as reduce the social stigma, and promote acceptance and respect for persons with mental health issues.

Established in 1968, the Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) is a non-profit and non-government social service organization, a registered charity under the Charities Act and an approved Institution of Public Character (IPC). We have been awarded the coveted Charity Transparency Award in 2018 & 2019 by the Charity Council. SAMH is also the 2020/21 recipient of the Singapore Prestige Brand Award (SPBA) Special Merit.

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