Our Campaign Story

ends 24 Dec 2021, 11:59 PM

Both my older brother and my son are diagnosed with epilepsy. I would be riding up and down Mt Faber to hit the same elevation as Mount Everest (8848m) on 1st January 2022 Saturday and hope to get as much donations from everyone to support Epilepsy Care Virtual Flag Day 2021.

It would take me about 20-24 hours to climb about 212 times up and down a 42m slope.

With your support, we can make a difference.

About Campaign

Epilepsy is a common and potentially serious chronic neurological condition, with a reported prevalence of 4-7 per 1000 population

Did you know?

people have been diagnosed with epilepsy in the world.

people live with epilepsy in Singapore.

new cases are diagnosed every year

With growing awareness about different types of epilepsies and continued improvements in diagnoses, the lives of 150 people and their families are newly impacted each year!

Let them know they are not alone...

By making a donation today, you send a powerful message that those just beginning their journey with epilepsy or are already living with epilepsy are surrounded by a compassionate community of friends and supporters.

Donations of $20 and above to Epilepsy Care Group (Singapore) qualify for tax relief.

About The Charity

Established in October 1993, Epilepsy Care Group (Singapore) (ECG) is a social service agency that addresses the needs and concerns of people with epilepsy, their families and those in the community directly affected by the condition.

ECG is registered under the Societies Act, Chapter 311 on 12 December 1995 and Charities Act, Chapter 37 on 2 October 1996 and is domiciled in the Republic of Singapore. ECG is an approved Institution of a Public Character.

ECG has a Constitution as its governing instrument.

ECG is governed by the Executive Council, which is a governing body responsible in providing strategic direction and oversight of its programmes and objectives and steering it towards fulfilling its vision and mission through good governance. Reporting to the Executive Council are Sub-Committees that look into specific areas.