Our Campaign Story

ends 20 Jan 2018, 11:59 PM

Hey bad girls and boys. We don't have enough Time and probably doubt we have the Talent to help these people, but I'm sure we have the Treasure to help. So instead of a farewell gift, I think the gift could be shared with those who are read and forgotten from the daily news.

Every refugee and natural disaster survivors deserves a chance to shelter, safe water and food and other lifesaving services and resources. Hence, I've chosen Mercy Relief as the receiver of your Treasure. I've chosen one of their funds called the Impact Fund. The money donated to them will help them to increase their scale and capacity for future relief aid. In any case, natural disasters unfortunately always happen and HADR needs to happen.

What Mercy Relief Does:

When disaster strikes, it is easy to see those affected as victims: desolate, destitute, and defeated. Here at Mercy Relief, we see things differently. We see people coming together to help one another, fight back, and protect their way of life. We witness their indomitable spirit, and are committed to supporting it.

What Mercy Relief recently did:
They supported the humanitarian relief aid to Rohingya in Bangaladesh.

About The Charity

Headquartered in Singapore, Mercy Relief was established in 2003 to respond to human tragedies and disasters in Asia Pacific. We provide emergency aid within 72 hours of an appeal in the aftermath of a disaster and implement longer-term sustainable development projects which aim is to uplift and empower communities in five key areas: water and sanitation, shelter, sustainable livelihoods, healthcare and education.

For the past 16 years, Mercy Relief has responded to 79 human tragedies with more than $36.1 million in relief across 25 countries. We have implemented more than 59 sustainable development initiatives and impacted an aggregate of over 2.1 million lives. Today, we are a leading independent disaster relief agency in the region with dedicated leadership, capacity building expertise and an affiliate network operating across the entire disaster management cycle.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.