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Currently, there are 30% of clients and students in the Autism Association (Singapore) who hail from financially disadvantaged families.
The Eden Fund supports these clients and students by covering the programme fee, food, transport, uniform and accessories, learning materials and other relevant expenses.
When the family of a client or student faces some financial emergency, the Eden Fund is also used to meet the household’s economic needs such as food, accommodation, utility bills, medical expenses, etc.
This suite of monetary provisions is periodically assessed by the Association’s case management personnel to ensure that the financial resources are appropriately allocated.
We appeal for your kind donations to help our underprivileged clients and students. With your generosity, the clients and students as well as their families will be able to have greater peace of mind during their learning journey with the Association.

About NPO

The Autism Association (Singapore) or AA(S) is one of the Voluntary Welfare Organisations in Singapore, dedicated to supporting individuals with autism and helping them lead meaningful and quality lives. The Association is an independent charity that was formed in August 1992 by a group of parents. In January 1995, it was registered as a charitable organisation under the Charities Act, Singapore. In July 1997, AA(S) was admitted as a member of the National Council of Social Service. It was also granted the Institutions of a Public Character status, allowing the Association to issue tax-exempt receipts for public donations. The mission of the Association is to initiate, organise and support provision of a broad spectrum at services for people with autism in Singapore. Such services to encompass education, vocational and life skills training and residential care.

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