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ends 15 Oct 2023, 11:59 PM

Hello my name is Bertie. I'm an eleven year old boy and have lived in two places my whole life, England and Singapore. Although I have only seen two places of the world in detail, and am so lucky to have been born into a family that doesn't have to worry about daily needs. However this also gives me a unique perspective on how lower income countries fare in the world.

Not too long ago, in fact just today at the time I am writing this, an extremely unfortunate event took place around the peak of Africa. Located at Morocco (and Libya). A terrible earthquake, for Morocco, (and a devastating flood, for Libya) rampaged through these unprepared coastal shores. This horrific natural disaster has, in under 24 hours snatched over 3000 lives each. Especially for lower income countries, this is horrendous, noticing this, I want to help them. In fact WE NEED to help them by doing whatever we can, may it be sending kind regards and small amounts to sending food, water and large amounts. But no matter what we do, may it be small or substantial, it supports a larger cause for those in need.

My 8-year old sister Eva LOVES baking and we had a bake sale at Sixth Avenue on 16-17 Sept 2023. Many thanks to everyone who supported us! All proceeds go to people of Morocco. We will find another campaign to help Libya next.

About Campaign

(Note: Donations to overseas efforts are non tax-deductible. Receipts will only be issued upon request.)

We call for your support towards the Singapore Red Cross (SRC)'s humanitarian response to the 6.8 magnitude earthquake that devastated Morocco. Your donation will go towards supporting the needs of those affected by the earthquake, including emergency shelter, first aid and food.

SRC has earlier pledged USD50,000 in humanitarian aid to directly support ongoing relief efforts by the Moroccan Red Crescent.

"We are deeply saddened by the loss of lives and injury, as well as damage to property and livelihoods, arising from the devastating disaster. We are in touch with our sister National Society, and we will continue to closely assess the situation as it evolves over the next few days. We stand ready to provide further support to the emergency relief and recovery operations, including possibly deploying our responders on the ground," said Mr Benjamin William, Secretary General/CEO of Singapore Red Cross, "I hope the people of Singapore will support us in bringing hope and help to affected communities across the Marrakesh provinces and municipalities."

Please make a donation during this time of need.

To support our local causes & receive tax deduction on your donation, please visit https://s.giving.sg/FX2lxFe

About The Charity

The Singapore Red Cross (SRC) is a homegrown humanitarian organisation dedicated to relieve human suffering, protect lives and dignity and respond to emergencies since 1949. Our blood donor mobilisation programme, home for the disabled, transport aid, food aid, community led action for resilience, community first aid and training derive from our mission to serve the vulnerable.

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