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ends 06 Mar 2022, 11:59 PM

Hello friends!! :) Thanks for clicking in!

I'm turning 21 this year and am once again asking for your financial support hehe. I've been super blessed to have everything I need and amazing people around me (you!). I'm very grateful for the cards that I've been dealt but some of our fellow humans haven't gotten a good deck.

This year, I really wanted to support AWWA, whose mission is to empower the disadvantaged, and identify and fill key social service gaps in the community!

AWWA works with people of all age groups. Some of their many services include senior care centres and Kindle Garden, a preschool with a non-discriminatory curriculum for both typically-developing children and children with additional needs!


This year, there's a bonus: EVERY DOLLAR WILL BE MATCHED BY 40% by TOTE Board under the Enhanced Fund-Raising Programme. Your $10 would actually be $14 to AWWA or more!

I'd be so grateful if you could give any amount :) We raised $680 together in 2020 (!!) and every little bit counts. AWWA does a lot of good work for the disadvantaged! It'd mean the world to do what we can for our fellow earth pals. THANK YOU!

About Campaign

The "Continuing The Reason We Smile" campaign seeks to make a difference in supporting thousands of AWWA beneficiaries across various services and programmes, including early intervention for pre-schoolers, education and disability support for children and adults with additional needs, assistance to low-income families, caregivers, and health and social assistance for vulnerable seniors.

This campaign aims to invest in a more inclusive community. Giving where the need is greatest, we believe your support will fuel existing clients and generations to come with a brighter future, empowering the greatest potential in them.

Your contribution provides transportation for our children with special needs to attend school, wholesome meals for our seniors to keep them nourished, mobility training, skills for basic daily living for those with additional needs to encourage their mental and physical wellness, and food rations for vulnerable families.

Every dollar does more than bring a smile to our clients. More than that, it brings hope for their future. Your contribution to this campaign will go towards the AWWA Welfare Fund.

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About The Charity

Established in 1970, AWWA is a social service agency delivering a wide range of programmes and services. These include early intervention for pre-schoolers, education and integration support for children and adults with additional needs, social assistance for vulnerable families, and care services for seniors. Through our programmes and services, we strive to empower the disadvantaged to maximise their potential to lead independent and dignified lives.

Visit us at www.awwa.org.sg to find out more about programmes and services.

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