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ends 18 Nov 2019, 11:59 PM

To fight the stigma mental health and raise funds to support Caregivers Alliance Limited, Deutsche Bank and friends will be trekking to Everest Base Camp in April 2020. All costs for the trek are personally underwritten, and all funds raised will be for the benefit of Caregivers Alliance Limited and its beneficiaries.

Who are we?
We are a group of 7: Akash Mohapatra, Bhupal Singh, Divya Viswam, Hayley Sharratt, Jayesh Shah, Vinod Aachi and Debashish Duttagupta. We are coming together to attempt to reach Everest Base Camp in April 2020. In the lead up there is a year of preparation, training, and organising the equipment required for the trek.

Why are we doing this?
To reduce the stigma around mental health. We all know someone impacted by mental illness, whether it is directly, as a caregiver, friend and family member. The stigma delays people reaching out for the help they need to move forward and live a fulfilling life. We feel passionately about raising awareness - its ok to talk! There is help available! Our campaign aims to raise awareness and funds in support mental health.

How can you support?
- All donations are gratefully received and go to Caregivers Alliance, a charity in Singapore supporting caregivers for those with mental illness. Read more about the organisation here https://www.cal.org.sg
- talk about your experience with Mental Health

About Campaign


About The Charity

Caregivers Alliance Limited (CAL) is dedicated to meeting the needs of caregivers of persons with mental health issues. While there are other organisations providing support to the community affected by mental health issues, only CAL focuses exclusively on supporting caregivers with professional services. CAL was formed in Oct 2011 by BinjaiTree Limited, Singapore Anglican Community Services and Caregivers' Association of the Mentally Ill. The objectives of CAL are to: 1) Outreach and provide training to caregivers 2) Identify and develop caregiver leaders who can provide peer support 3) Advocate on behalf of caregivers of persons with mental health issues

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