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ends 31 Dec 2019, 11:59 PM

Each year, I look forward to my birthday. After all, who doesn't like receiving gifts from family and friends? Over the years, I am often spoiled by my family who shower me with the most splendid gifts. My friends, as well, are often not too far behind, arranging the best of parties and get-togethers that one could wish for.

But recently, I have realised- What if the money spent on me for my birthday, could be spent on people who deserve and need it way more than I do?

Don't get me wrong. I love birthdays but this gives me a greater purpose to celebrate this milestone as I turn 25.

I have chosen to support a charity that helps disadvantaged children and youth. I am a privileged individual because my parents have worked tremendously hard to provide for me and have always made sure I never lacked in anything. But in Singapore and overseas, there are many who fight to even survive and have a peace of mind on a daily basis.

MILK supports children and youth come from troubled or low-income families and impoverished communities, in their education, care and guidance, vocational and livelihood development, or other special needs so as to help them break out of the disadvantaged circumstances they were born into.

MILK also focuses on plugging gaps in the social service sector and plays the role of advocacy and fundraising while the partners focus on providing direct services for the children.

So help me, and help MILK raise funds.

About The Charity

Registered in June 2004, MILK (Mainly I Love Kids) Fund ("MILK Fund") is a charity organisation that was set up to reach out and help disadvantaged children who "fall through the cracks" of our social safety net. We work alongside mainstream programmes, through our partners, to plug the gaps and provide a holistic approach that guide these disadvantaged children back to mainstream society. Besides plugging service gaps, MILK Fund is also focusing on transformational programmes that can help children break out of the poverty cycle.
These children come from low-income, troubled families or impoverished communities and some are physically challenged. We support them in their education, care and guidance, vocational and livelihood development and other special needs so as to give them the opportunity to develop to their full potential.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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