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Hello everyone! Happy New Year!

With the New Year, it means that my birthday is also around the corner! It's on the 6 Jan.

I am turning 8! (And I am going to be taller than my mummy :)

My mummy asked if I want to have a party-with-a-cause? (Oh, what's that?) She said I can have some fun and at the same time, help some children whom are very very ill :(

I think that is a good idea! And I want to ask all my classmates, friends, and everyone I know to help them too!

My mummy and I have chosen VIVA Foundation - for children with cancer, to be our 'donee' (Oops, this is a new word to me :)

Please help us to help them!

If you want to know more about VIVA Foundation - for children with cancer, please click: http://www.viva.sg/about-us/about-viva.html

Thank you so much and I am sure your new year will be full of blessing, just like me :)

About NPO

VIVA Foundation for Children with Cancer is a Singapore-based charity which focuses on saving the lives of more children with cancer by improving research, medical care and education.
Among the many illnesses and problems in the world, childhood cancer may not get the most of funds, focus and facilities. VIVA Foundation fights to put this on the agenda of institutions, by catalysing research, building state-of the-art facilities, supporting doctors and training nurses.
VIVA Foundation believes by doing so, it will change the way childhood cancers are being diagnosed and treated throughout the region, starting with Singapore. Ultimately, this will ensure more children with cancer, regardless of geography, will have a higher chance of full recovery to live out the full potential of their lives as every child deserves a future.

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