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ends 31 Dec 2022, 11:59 PM

Hello! We are Avon and Dalsten, two JC students who are passionate about service to the elderly and fitness!

Come rain or shine, Dalsten and Avon will be cycling 300 km and 100 km respectively on 12 November 2022 to raise funds for NKF. Both of us volunteered with NKF and have been touched by the patients' stories. NKF patients come from underprivileged backgrounds, and require financial support to fund their life-saving dialysis treatment. We thus want to lend a hand in any way that we can. As young JC students with a tight budget, we are unable to donate any large sum of money, but hope that you will be spurred by our campaign and be interested to support our cause.

Cycling such a long distance at one go is a large step out of our comfort zone, but we are excited to undertake this endeavour if it means raising a little more awareness for our dialysis patients. Every single cent counts, as Tote Board will match 40 cents for every dollar donated!

Follow @the.kidneymovement on Instagram and Avon's student-initiated project with NKF @projectsynergy on Instagram to keep track on our progress, and other initiatives, such as a 300 km cycling ride, that we will be rolling out!

Stay tuned, and we are excited to have your support!

About Campaign

Love gave Izzad the strength to press on. The joy of your giving brings him hope of building a family.

For the past 11 years, a bubbly and active gentleman, Izzad had to juggle between dialysis sessions thrice a week and his school and work commitments. His life is a catalogue of misfortunes. Due to kidney failure and effects of medications and treatments, frequent hospitalisations and accidents caused him to lose his jobs. Yet amidst the difficulties, he remained positive and motivated to learn and pick up important skills, and grabbed every job opportunity as it came. Now, at 29 years old, he works as a private hire driver, albeit on limited days because of the toll dialysis takes on him.

Izzad looks forward to spending more time with his wife, Ms Nur Sharmin. Despite learning of his diagnosis, Sharmin remained by his side as a supportive friend through the years and they officially tied the knot in 2021. The couple found themselves enduring many challenges together. To support their family and dreams of having children eventually, they work hard to obtain dual income and savings.

Young patients like Izzad go through a unique set of challenges. Your support can shine a light to him and Sharmin's hope of building a family together, and you can help many other kidney patients too.

All the funds raised will go towards providing subsidised dialysis treatment and holistic care for our patients, including the provision of medical equipment and instruments.

About The Charity

The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) is currently supporting more than 5,300 kidney failure patients, about two-thirds of the national kidney failure patient population. Our patients are of the lower income group. Treating a patient costs over $2,000 a month, however, the treatment our patients receive is highly subsidised, with 76% paying $50 or less a month out-of-pocket.

NKF remains committed to journeying with our patients every step of the way in their treatment and rehabilitative care, advocating kidney health to prevent kidney failure and making a difference in the renal landscape to benefit the community.

Partner us in giving Life & Hope to our patients now!

All donations received through Giving.sg will be channelled to NKF General Fund, which will be used to provide subsidised dialysis treatment and holistic care for our patients.

To view our financial statements, please visit our corporate website at https://nkfs.org/about-us/annual-reports/

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