Our Campaign Story

ends 31 Dec 2022, 11:59 PM

Persons with disabilities, like you and I, have gifts and talents, dreams and aspirations.Your STRONG SUPPORT can help create POSSIBILITIES for them.

Rainbow Centre works with organisations, communities, & individuals to empower persons with disabilities to thrive.

Rainbow Centre's programmes & services include:

1) Early Intervention Programme (EIP)
Provides support to families & their children 6 years & below to grow, learn & achieve their developmental milestones & beyond.

2) Special Education (SPED) Programme
Features outcome-based functional curriculum to meet learning needs at different life stages from 7 - 10 yrs, 11 - 14 yrs & 15 - 18 yrs.

3) Connected Communities Services
This is a life coaching service, where the life coach journeys with young persons with disabilities to realise their full potentials & live a thriving life.

4) Young Adult Activities! (YAA!)
This is a social activity club that aims to enhance the quality of life for persons with moderate to severe disabilities by reducing social isolation. Core activities centre around self-expression, daily living skills, fitness & therapy.

5) Workability
Students, closely supported by job coaches, experience work through vocational training and internships with partner companies.

Life may be challenging for persons with disabilities. But, with your kind support, they can work towards their dreams...yes! from disabilities to POSSIBILITIES.

Thank you so very much for giving a helping hand.

About The Charity

At Rainbow Centre, we envision a world where persons with disabilities are empowered and thriving in inclusive communities.

We work with our partners to create opportunities for persons with disabilities to make the most of their abilities and participate meaningfully in society. Through practical education, meaningful support and useful training programmes, we strive to increase the quality of life for them and their families.

Registered as a charity in 1992, Rainbow Centre is an Institution of a Public Character.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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