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ends 17 Apr 2020, 11:59 PM

Hello! My 22nd birthday is coming up (April 17th), and since last year, I've always wanted to do a birthday fundraiser, and now seemed like a good time as ever to start making that into reality, what with Covid-19 going on and all.

See, the thing about Covid-19 and global pandemics like this is that pandemics aren't discriminatory. They affect everyone, you, me, included. But the system we live in causes the effects of these pandemics to discriminate. It creates economic hierarchies and divides global populations into high-income, middle-income, low-income, etc. In times like these (Covid-19, natural disasters, etc.), these inequalities come to the forefront and to the public eye. Everyone suffers, but vulnerable communities suffer much more.

Please read this report by Beyond Social Services to understand more about the impacts of Covid-19 on lower-income households (https://tinyurl.com/beyondsocialservicesresearch), or watch this video (https://tinyurl.com/covid19sglowincome).

And please read this article to understand the bigger issue this current crisis illuminates: https://tinyurl.com/covid19sgarticle

We are in a better position than many of these vulnerable communities, so please donate, as much as you can. Any amount counts! PS: Free Food For All is a Registered Charity in Singapore that provides free Halal meals to the less fortunate (and they work with SG Food Rescue to reduce food waste too)! It's a trusted charity that people I know have worked with before.

About Campaign

As the War Against Covid-19 becomes even more intense, we are working fast to home-deliver Sanitizing Kits and Food Aid to low-income families and households living in HDB rental units.

The Sanitizing Kits will keep their homes safe from germs while the Food Aid ensure they have sufficient nutritious meals to boost their immune system.

The Sanitizing Kit Includes the following:

Surgical Mask x 10 Pcs
Asespso Soap bar - Anti Bacterial x 2
Asepso Shower Body Soap 500 ml x 2
Ethanol Based 70% Hand Sanitizer x 500 ml

The Sanitizing Kit allows Families and Low-Income Households to boost their defence against viruses and other germs.

You can do your part to help us raise funds to serve 1,000 needy households! Towards a Healthier Virus Free Life

About The Charity

Free Food for All (FFFA) had given out more then 500,000 meals since its inception in early 2015.

FFFA is meant for everyone and anyone who needs a meal. However, we provide special emphasis to the elderly, disabled and financially distressed. We hope that by fulfilling a basic human need for food, they will be empowered to take action and raise themselves out of poverty. We also believe that our project has the potential to foster a more gracious society and strengthen community spirit especially between neighbours.

We are hopeful and optimistic that FFFA, with the gracious help of the community, can run entirely on contributions from members of the public.

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