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ends 30 Nov 2020, 11:59 PM

Dear friends,

Many of you know i've been with YMCA for more than 10 years. But do you know what YMCA does, apart from the song? :) Do you know YMCA is a Social Service Agency, aka charity?

Due to COVID-19, we can't be running on the streets in our usual red tee for Flag Day.. so here we are... having our 1st virtual Flag Day... and we hope to raise funds for the Special Needs Youths, who's one of the less remembered groups.

Do you know that the Biggest worry of their parents is "How are they going to take care of themselves when i am no longer around?"

Since this year we can't travel, and most of us had worked / are still working from home (hence saved a bit on transportation costs)... PLUS Christmas is round the corner, may i appeal to you, my friends.. to donate so that we can run more programmes to help equip the Special Needs with essential lifeskills that they need.

Also not to forget, donation of $50 and above will entitle you for tax deduction of 250% of the donated amount. Year-end coming liao.. very soon it's time to file for income tax, you know? :)

So let's contribute in any way we can, to help our community! :)

Meanwhile, stay safe!


About Campaign

This YMCA Flag Day 2020, strengthen youth with special needs by supporting programmes that provide employment and enhance vocational, artistic and social skills.

Your donation will empower youths with special needs like Yan Tong, who has Down syndrome. Yan Tong currently works at The Social Kitchen @ YMCA. He also participates in many special needs programmes including Y Arts and Y Dance programmes. These programmes build his confidence, independence, and social skills. They also provide him with opportunities to interact with his peers and befriend volunteers.

We hope to raise $40,000 for programmes that challenge, champion and train youth with special needs, so they can live even more dignified and independent lives. Every dollar donated will make TWICE the impact - thanks to support from a dollar-to-dollar matching donation through the Tote Board's Enhanced Fund-Raising Programme.

Donate today to make a difference!

#YMCAStrong #SGCares #GivingWeekSG #CityOfGood

About The Charity

*COVID-19 Update: Due to COVID-19, many vulnerable communities face new challenges. Fundraising has also become exceptionally difficult. We would like to make an appeal to all to join us in our efforts in reaching out during these tough times. Your donation will fund new initiatives and existing programmes that support these communities. Please read "Our Programmes" for more information on these programmes.


The YMCA of Singapore stands to challenge, champion and train youth to stand up and be counted as independent and effective contributors to an inclusive society.

Our "YMCA Strong" campaign is a statement of our desired outcome for all we serve - to give our clients a hand up, not simply a handout, so that each one will be strengthened to reach their potential.

Our programmes range from training and employing special needs youth to mobilising and training youth leaders and volunteers to serve the needy in society.

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