Our Campaign Story

ends 09 Jun 2022, 11:59 PM

Hi! We are Connect The DOTs, a project working with Daughters Of Tomorrow (DOT) to assist women from lower-income communities. We aim to raise awareness on the issues that this group faces while also raising funds to further DOT's causes.

All funds will be donated to DOT to assist them with their mission of empowering women and enabling families. These funds will allow our beneficiaries to find gainful employment so that they and their families can achieve financial independence and social mobility.

Donate to assist our beneficiaries and to strive towards a more equitable society for each and every Singaporean!

Follow our Instagram account @ConnectTheDOTs2021 for more information: https://www.instagram.com/connectthedots2021/

Our programmes:
Connect the DOTs mainly focuses on raising awareness about women from low-income backgrounds through social media and outreach. We also conduct fundraisers through merchandise sales, and are currently working on diversifying our initiatives to better benefit our beneficiaries.

About The Charity

Empowering Women, Enabling Families.

Daughters Of Tomorrow is a registered charity organization with IPC status in Singapore whose mission is to facilitate livelihood opportunities for underprivileged women, and support them in achieving financial independence and social mobility for their families.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

Social Service
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