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ends 05 May 2021, 11:59 PM

Many of us have the perception that everyone in Singapore has their basic necessities met. However, this is far from the harsh reality: there are displaced families and individuals in our very own country. These individuals do not enjoy the same comfort, stability and security that our homes provide and we take for granted. This issue is further worsened by the COVID-19 situation. Just because they may be out of sight, does not mean they need to be out of mind.

New Hope Community Services (NHCS) is a charity that seeks to provide displaced families with temporary housing so that they may be able to regain their footing in society without disruption to their family unit. Today, NHCS has provided housing to over 150 families who would otherwise stay in the streets, carparks, void-decks or parks. NHCS has also provided temporary housing for over 50 displaced individuals. Beyond providing shelter, NHCS also seeks to impart hope into their lives to see a positive transformation. Amidst the current pandemic, these numbers will only increase with the worsening of the economy.

100% of the funds raised go directly to maintaining the operation of their shelters and to supporting their programmes of life-skills training, counselling and job opportunity provision.

If you are as passionate for this cause as we are, we encourage you to donate, share the link with your family and friends, and most importantly spread the message. Thank you for playing your part :)

About The Charity

New Hope Community Services is a social service agency and a member of the National Council of Social Services. Our goal goes beyond providing temporary shelter to the homeless in Singapore; we want to infuse them with real hope to see their lives changed.

Our work began in 2003 when four homeless men approached Pastor Andrew Khoo (our Founder & CEO) seeking refuge. Deeply moved by a need that had not been met by social services then, Ps Andrew set up the Shelter for Men-in-Crisis, Singapore's first shelter for homeless male ex-offenders. A year later, New Hope Community Services was born.

Since then, we have steadily expanded to meet the growing needs for temporary shelter in our community. We also recognise that building thriving and resilient families and individuals requires more than just a roof over their heads. As such, we run various services and programmes that help our clients break out of the poverty cycle and achieve long term financial resilience and independence.

OUR VISION - To be a Beacon of New Hope to the displaced & disadvantaged in the community

OUR MISSION - Restoring HOPE to those we serve


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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