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ends 30 Sep 2022, 11:59 PM


We are invited to be one of the Community Chest's corporate organisations in their annual community event known as Community Chest Heartstrings Walk which will be held on 10th September 2022 (Saturday). Co-organised by Community Chest and Marina Bay Sands, the event rallies partners, volunteers, and the community to build a caring and inclusive society. Our association is proud to collaborate with Community Chest as a fundraiser and would dedicate the funds raised to support the causes initiated by Community Chest.

Our fundraising goal is to achieve $5,000 by 5th September 2022.
All donations/proceeds will go towards Community Chest's supported social service agencies. Thank you for your kind attention and I would like to invite you to follow our association (website or Instagram) and support us at: https://towerrunning.sg/

About Campaign

Co-organised by Community Chest and Marina Bay Sands, Community Chest Heartstrings Walk is an annual community event that rallies partners, volunteers and the community to build a caring and inclusive society.

The Community Chest Heartstrings Walk 2022 is held in conjunction with the Sands for Singapore Charity Festival.

100% of your donations will go to Community Chest to support more than 200 social service programmes to meet underserved and critical social needs.

About The Charity

Community Chest is the philanthropy and engagement arm of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), which is the national co-ordinating body for social service agencies in Singapore.

As the hallmark of care and share, Community Chest aims to raise funds and engage the community so that social service agencies can focus on developing and delivering quality solutions and empowering the lives of those in need. Since 1983, Community Chest has been serving and in partnership with the people, public and private sectors to create a collaborative and impactful social service ecosystem for 39 years.

100% of your donations go towards helping the disadvantaged, as our fundraising and operating costs are covered mainly by Tote Board. Community Chest supports more than 100 social service agencies and over 200 critical programmes empowering the lives of those in need, including children with special needs and youth-at-risk, adults with disabilities, persons with mental health conditions, and seniors and families in need of support.

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