Our Campaign Story

ends 31 Mar 2018, 11:59 PM

Founded in 1992, Dover Park Hospice is Singapore's first purpose-built hospice, catering to those nearing the end of life's journey. As a secular, non-profit organisation, we open our doors to people of every age, race, religion, and income level.

At Dover Park Hospice, Every Moment Matters. Over the past 25 years, we have brought care and comfort to more than 11,000 terminally-ill patients and their families through a programme of active and compassionate service.

Over half of our annual operating expenditure is funded by donations, and Dover Park Hospice organizes a series of fundraising campaigns over the course of each year. All donations from generous individuals like yourselves will allow us to continue our practice of heavily subsidising 80% of our patients, enabling them to receive the care they deserve at a nominal fee.

During the upcoming festive season, we hope to seek your generosity in donating towards our compassionate cause. All funds raised will go a long way towards helping the beneficiaries and their families under our care.

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About The Charity

Dover Park Hospice was founded in 1992 as a secular, nonprofit organisation to meet the growing need in Singapore for hospice care for terminally-ill patients. It is Singapore's first purpose-built hospice, designed to provide a serene environment close to nature.

Open to everyone regardless of age, race, religion or income level, Dover Park Hospice is dedicated to meeting the unique physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those who are nearing the end of life's journey. The goal is to enhance the living, comfort the dying and support the grieving with compassion and dignity.

To cover its operating expenditure which is estimated at $14.5 million per year, Dover Park Hospice relies a lot on fundraising activities and kind donations from generous well-wishers and corporations.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.