Our Campaign Story

ends 31 Dec 2017, 11:59 PM

Many of those who know me will know that over the past nine months I have had a personal battle with cancer. Medical services here in Singapore, where Alex and I are currently living, have been superb and so we are able to look back with huge gratefulness for the treatment I have received. However, it is God, my loving Heavenly Father, who has carried me most and enabled me to get through some of the hardest days of my life. I have also been enormously supported by Alex, of course, and by family and friends near and far, all angels given to me by God to love and care for me when I was weak. It has been amazing to experience such love in action and I will always always be so so grateful.
So when Alex and I were thinking about a fitting way to draw a line under all that has happened, we decided we wanted to set ourselves a physical challenge (thank you, Anne, for suggesting a half marathon in Cambodia; it has always seemed a mad idea but hopefully we will get there!) and to use the opportunity to raise money for others who have extreme struggles in life but who are all alone and don't have the support of a loving community to help carry them through. Hagar supports just such women, women who have undergone extreme abuse at the hands of others and yet who are all alone. Fittingly Hagar has a work in Siem Reep and are using the Angkor Wat Half Marathon to help raise funds. So it is for these women that we are running.Thank you for joining us in this by giving as you are able.

About Campaign

Our 2nd Run For Freedom, HAGAR will be running at the Angkor Wat Half Marathon on December 3, 2017 to express our solidarity for women and children who have suffered extreme human rights abuses.

For them, the race to recovery is a daily challenge as they grapple with the memories of the trauma. Your donation will send a strong message of hope and encouragement to continue persevering, and also provide tangible help to enable them to start their life anew.

In Singapore, HAGAR has been running a trauma recovery and resettlement programme for girls trafficked into the country for sexual and labour exploitation. A popular transit and destination hub for trafficking activities, false job offers are used to trick them across the borders. Upon being rescued, HAGAR assists them by providing a range of services from legal protection, trauma recovery, education, vocational training and finally helping them to reintegrate back to their local community and enhancing their abilities to combat re-exploitation.

A registered charity in Singapore, HAGAR is an international organisation operating in 10 countries worldwide to raise public awareness on human rights and tangible support for survivors. The Singapore contingent for this run will include staff and supporters. If you are looking to do a run overseas, join us and supporters from other HAGAR offices to make a difference in the lives of women and child survivors! Details available at our HAGAR Singapore website.

About The Charity

HAGAR is an international NGO committed to the recovery and economic empowerment of vulnerable persons who are survivors of extreme human rights abuse, particularly in the area of human trafficking, gender-based violence, and sexual exploitation.

We are in 9 countries worldwide. HAGAR receives into our care those who have suffered the worst of human conditions and many are referred to HAGAR by the local government and non-governmental organisations in the country. We walk the whole journey with each individual, ensuring holistic healing, legal and physical protection, social rehabilitation, education and economic empowerment for eventual reintegration into society.

In Singapore, we provide recovery care and empowerment to young women who have been trafficked to Singapore and foreign domestic workers who have been exploited. Further to that, Hagar also assists by coordinating their return to their home country and resettle them in their communities upon conclusion of their court hearings in Singapore.

The ultimate goal is to help each of these trafficked and abused survivors get over their painful past, realise their innate potential and put them on the path of self-sustainability where they will be able to help themselves in the long run. Our purpose is singular. We do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to restore a broken life.

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