Our Campaign Story

ends 28 Mar 2022, 11:59 PM

Circuits on Thursdays (CoT) is a bunch of enthusiastic people who love nature as much as working out. The fitness group appreciates Fort Canning Park for its beautiful landscape, trees, gardens, wildlife and scenic foot paths and love
its killer slopes, unforgiving stairs and burpee-friendly grass patches. It is also grateful to NParks for the great upkeep of the parks specially at Fort Canning; every workout, every burpee, every slope sprint is somehow more bearable amidst such beautiful surroundings.

CoT is giving back by fundraising for RI's 1,823 Trees Fund and targeting to raise funds for at least 10 trees. In the spirit of giving during this season, CoT enjoins everyone, including its members, to donate from the heart and help make Singapore greener, to be enjoyed with our family and friends in many years to come.

*Please note that by contributing to this campaign, you are consenting to allow Garden City Fund to share your name and donation details with Circuits on Thursdays and RI.

About Campaign

In conjunction with the countdown to Raffles Institution's Bicentennial celebrations in 2023, RI is committed to planting 1,823 trees (representing the year of their founding) as part of the National Parks Board's OneMillionTrees movement.

Minister for Sustainability & Environment Grace Fu kickstarted the tree planting campaign on 20 Aug 2021 by planting a Gelam tree. The Gelam tree is significant to Raffles' founding of Singapore as it was observed to be growing at the Orang Laut village by the sea.

Since 2011, RI has been working to make the school more sustainable through a four-pronged approach: a green campus, instilling a green culture among students, and integrating sustainability in the school curriculum and community. This tree planting campaign represents RI's efforts to do better for sustainability and our environment.

RI hopes to start planting these trees in 2022, subject to prevailing Covid-19 measures. All donations will go towards the planting of trees. Every $300 contributed will help RI plant one more tree towards this cause. RI is excited to do their part in greening Singapore and RI hopes that you can help them meet the target!

Note: All donations with a unique FIN/NRIC are tax-deductible.

Upon donating to this campaign, you are consenting for GCF to share your donation details with RI upon request. If you prefer to donate anonymously, please email [email protected] with your donation details.

About The Charity

Established by the National Parks Board (NParks) in 2002, Garden City Fund is managed independently as a charity, where 100% of donations raised go towards projects it supports. The charity hopes to cultivate a love for the environment, promote a sense of ownership, and encourage the community to play a part in preserving Singapore's legacy as a lush and vibrant City in Nature. Through partnerships with organisations and individuals, GCF provides a platform for the community to be involved and contribute towards conservation, research, outreach and education initiatives.