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ends 30 Oct 2022, 11:59 PM

We know that the words Mental Health always feel like a tagline. But it's something we all need to check in with, some farther along the journey than others. Like the weather, it comes and goes.
It's undoubtedly an important subject for every member of the team here at Charlotte Puxley Flowers.

To celebrate mental health awareness this month, we're supporting Daughters of Tomorrow (DOT), dedicating 100% of our profits from our special vase arrangement inspired by DOT and wellness event held in conjunction with Trapeze Rec. Club.

About Campaign

Imagine not being able to afford the $2 bus fare to head to a job interview; or missing out on that call telling you that you've been scheduled for an interview because you didn't have enough money to keep your mobile phone running. This is a common scenario that many lower-income women face. Having to make the choice between going for that interview versus putting food on the table for that day for your family is an excruciatingly difficult decision that nobody should have to make.

And this problem rolls into a different one even after gaining employment. Since salary payments usually come in at the end of the month, women would still require additional support within the first few months to stabilize their employment.

With this fund, we hope to be able to provide some support for low-income women, so that they may be able to go for that job interview which could potentially change her life.

About The Charity

Empowering Women, Enabling Families.

Daughters Of Tomorrow is a registered charity organization with IPC status in Singapore whose mission is to facilitate livelihood opportunities for underprivileged women, and support them in achieving financial independence and social mobility for their families.

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