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ends 31 Mar 2023, 11:59 PM

Hi everyone, I am Carol. My girl will be 15 this year and she has been with Rainbow Centre since she was 9 years old. She has another 3 years to go before graduating.

It has not been easy to come this far. Rainbow Centre Admiral Hill School, which she attends, has taken a lot of pressure off parents by just having a school for the special needs children to go to and teaching them much-needed life skills. Recent years have also seen some creative programs like WOW! programme organised by the school to discover the children's interests and budding talents to prepare them for possibilities beyond 18 years of age.

My wishes are for her to live a fulfilling life and not be stuck at home after 18 years old. I hope society can understand how to interact with them and give them space when they have meltdowns.

Rainbow Centre has just celebrated their 35th anniversary and I am doing a small part to help them raise $3,500 as part of their fundraising campaign to support low-income families, new projects for young adults who graduate from their schools, etc. Funds raised are tax deductible (local only) and matched 1:1 by government grants.

Please support us to improve the possibilities for our special needs children! All donations (even overseas) welcome!

About Campaign

Rainbow Centre recently celebrated its 35th anniversary of building empowered, included and thriving lives for persons with disabilities. What's next for us beyond this milestone?

RC35 and Beyond is a fundraising campaign which charts Rainbow Centre's future focus in building inclusive communities and expanding pathways for young adults with disabilities. The campaign gathers members of our community to support our mission through digital fundraising for three key areas of need: supporting low resource families, pilot programmes such as those in the Post-18 space for young adults with disabilities and student care services, as well as innovation efforts to improve service quality.

Donations made from now to 31 March 2023 under the RC35 and Beyond campaign can attract dollar-for-dollar matching from the Tote Board under its Enhanced Fund-Raising Programme. Double your impact and donate today!


About The Charity

Rainbow Centre recently celebrated its 35th anniversary of serving persons with disabilities. We invite you to learn more about our work at: bit.ly/rc35film


At Rainbow Centre, we envision a world where persons with disabilities are empowered and thriving in inclusive communities.

We work with our partners to create opportunities for persons with disabilities to make the most of their abilities and participate meaningfully in society. Through practical education, meaningful support and useful training programmes, we strive to increase the quality of life for them and their families.

Registered as a charity in 1992, Rainbow Centre is an Institution of a Public Character.

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