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ends 18 Nov 2022, 11:59 PM

He spends his days in physical labour, choosing extra shifts just to put more food on the table for his loved ones. But like his fellow hundred thousand brothers, he too struggles with the added stress of the COVID-19 pandemic - being confined in his crowded room & prone to infections & reinfections. Even when curbs eased for the rest of the nation, he is only allowed to travel between work & housing. But he reminds himself to stay strong for his family.

Many migrant workers are feeling mental, physiological & social constraints daily and this takes a heavy toll on their health. The government quickly supported by administering vaccinations for over 98% of dorm residents, building new spaces with more modern facilities, etc. However, there is always more we can do.

Since April 2022, SATA CommHealth has been operating primary healthcare outposts across 3 geographical sectors in Singapore to cater to over 140,000 resident workers. Each worker will be given a Personal Medical Pack (PMP) - a home kit of simple medication to treat minor ailments such as burns, pains or digestive concerns.

Let's join SATA CommHealth in being #HeretoCare for our migrant community.

For every $10 raised, SATA CommHealth will be able to gift one PMP to one worker. You can also sign up to be a Care Ranger (volunteer) at [email protected] .

Any additional donations received from this appeal will be channelled towards funding other ongoing outreach programmes.

#CareUnited #eflagday2022

About Campaign

Our allotted Flag Day is on 7 Sept 2022. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, our online donation drive will run from now till 7 Oct 2022.

For this year's e-Flag Day, we would like to focus on the migrant worker (MW) community. The COVID-19 pandemic has helped to shed light on their vulnerabilities, especially in terms of their health, well-being & safety. Many do not seek medical care, especially if not caused by work, either because of insufficient funds or fear of losing their jobs.

From this April, SATA CommHealth is operating primary healthcare outposts across three geographical sectors of Singapore, catering to over 140,000 MWs. As a charitable healthcare organisation, we aim to provide each worker with a personal medical pack (PMP) containing simple medication to treat minor ailments like cuts, pains or digestive concerns. This is our way of showing our support & care by equipping them with basic medical supplies for their health & safety.

For every $10 raised, we will be able to gift one PMP to one MW. This year, we hope to get 100 Care Rangers to help us raise $100,000. Any additional donations received from this appeal will be channeled towards funding other ongoing outreach programmes.

We hope you can join us in making our e-Flag Day a meaningful one for our migrant community. Every little contribution helps, and we truly appreciate all our donors & volunteers who help us along the way. If you would like to register as a CR, please email [email protected]

About The Charity

SATA CommHealth was established in 1947. As an IPC charity, we are Here To Care for the health of seniors and the vulnerable in the community. We serve around 200,000 patients in the medical centres every year, and the proceeds are channelled to help fund our community services. Our beneficiaries are served through community events, subsidised care at our medical centres as well as home and centre-based services which include homecare, doctors-on-wheels, day rehabilitation centres and Fernvale Community Hub. We were awarded the Charity Governance Award (Large Charities category) in 2018. For three consecutive years, we were also awarded the Charity Transparency Award by the Charity Council for its exemplary disclosure practices.We continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting MOH and community partners, in various areas such as providing vaccinations via our Mobile Vaccination Teams and Vaccination Centre, administering ART and PCR swabs and managing patients in our Public Health Preparedness Clinics.

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