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ends 03 Jul 2020, 11:59 PM

Today, Bunge has committed to donate $28,000 to the foreign worker project under the Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach (AGWO) movement by Hope Initiative Alliance (HIA). With an aim to feed 10,000 foreign workers with 2 Care Meals a day throughout this project, the motivation behind the movement is closely in line with Bunge's CSR focus to provide food-related support for the community.

Other than Care Meals, our donation may also be used to purchase other essential supplies to meet the needs of the foreign workers in Singapore. Any excess funds will also be channeled to provide foreign workers with holistic care, ex gratia or small allowance, medical and/or mental health assistance.

With that said, we will like to take this opportunity and invite our fellow colleagues who are keen to join us in this initiative to contribute and provide support for the community together as a Bunge Family. With each Care Meal costing $3 on average, Bunge's sum of donation can help to provide for about 9,000 Care Meals. By inviting Bunge colleagues to participate in this initiative, we hope to increase the extent of our support by raising additional $2,000 or more amongst ourselves to provide at least 10,000 Care Meals in total.

In the spirit of matching donations dollar-for-dollar by the government, Bunge will also match employees' personal donation, on top of the already committed $28,000. Every little thought counts and goes a long way to help. Thank you for your kind donation.

About The Charity

Hope Initiative Alliance is an inter-racial and inter-religious alliance of social service organisations, civil groups and corporations that seeks to eradicate social inequalities across various facets of society.

As an aggregator of support and services amongst our network of hundreds of partners and associates, HIA seeks to work closely with them to help the guest workers, homeless, elderly, people with disabilities, the poor and needy communities, especially amidst the COVID-19 situation.

The Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach (AGWO), a movement of the Hope Initiative Alliance, seeks to provide holistic care, medical assistance, distribute Care Meals and other essentials to the guest workers housed in factory-converted dormitories.

Apart from the guest worker community, rough sleepers are another group-at-risk during this trying period. We are working with our partners to advocate temporal Safe Sound Sleeping Place (S3P) throughout the circuit breaker period, or even longer. We are also looking at channelling a small allowance or ex gratia to sustain their needs. In-kind donations are also greatly needed to facilitate their needs in temporary shelters.

For more information, visit hia.sg and sowcare.sg


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