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Bright Hill Evergreen Home is a 248-bedded, accredited non-profit nursing home providing quality health care and shelter for the disadvantaged and aged sick, regardless of race, language or religion. We aim at alleviating their hardships through holistic nursing and medical care. The Home started out at Bright Hill Road on 3 July 1983 providing residential care to 150 residents before shifting to our current location on 8 March 2013. It has been granted Institutions of a Public Character (IPC) tax-exempt status since 15 June 1993. We believe that our residents should enjoy life to the fullest encompassing gracious and healthy living, at the same time minimizing ill health and retaining maximum use of their physical and mental faculties. The Home provides high quality round-the-clock nursing care to residents by professionally trained nurses, assistant nurses, nursing aides and healthcare attendants. Our staff are fully committed to meeting the needs of each and every resident with a spirit of excellence. Together, we strive to provide joy and happiness to our residents in their remaining years. 光明山修身院是新加坡政府认证的非盈利疗养院。修身院于1983年7月3日在光明山道创建,为150名无依无靠,体弱多病的年长者提供服务,且不分种族、语言或宗教。2013年3月8日,修身院搬迁至榜鹅。目前共有248个床位,继续为长辈们提供高素质的医疗服务与住宿。 修身院自1993年6月15日起,被新加坡政府授予“公益机构”的资格(Institution of a Public Character-IPC)。 修身院深信长辈们应该享有优质的生活,保持身心愉快,安享晚年。医护人员都受过专业训练,为长辈们提供24小时不间断的护理与关爱。修身院的全体员工不遗余力,希望能满足每一位长辈的需求,在他们有生之年带给他们快乐。

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