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My grandfather was a chronic dialysis patient who have benefited from the services of NKF. Not only did the foundation offer to shuttle my grandfather from his home to attend his tri-weekly dialysis sessions, they were also kind enough to fully subsidise his dialysis expenses and even offered to direct us to the relevant personnel to help refurbish our homes, to better accommodate the mobility needs of my grandfather. Do donate to this campaign, for you can make a difference to many lives.

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A flight of stairs, to most of us, may not seem much. But to some of our patients, it is simply insurmountable.

Every day, 4 people in Singapore have their legs amputated due to diabetes complications. And because diabetes is a leading cause of kidney failure, more than 200 NKF patients have had part of their legs amputated.

One of these NKF patients facing such difficulties is Mdm Bibi.

She tells us that she comes home tired and weak from her thrice weekly dialysis sessions. But even when she arrives home, rest eludes her because one thing still stands in her way: the couple of steps into her home.

'I think I have fallen almost 7 or 8 times in my own home'.

With the stairs being the only way to get into the entrance of the house, Mdm Bibi relies on at least two of her sons or her caregiver to be able to lift her and get her into her home.

Ramps at the entrance, toilet and even the slightest step between rooms have not been installed. Getting around her own house is an obstacle maze that Mdm Bibi has had to navigate through every day.

Her story is one of the many that has motivated NKF's new home improvement programme, 'Ramp Up Your Life!'. We hope to be able to carry out basic home improvements to make the living conditions of these needy, elderly, and physically-challenged NKF patients a little easier.

So do lend us your support in helping our patients lead better lives!

About NPO

The NKF is a charitable organisation that provides dialysis treatment and rehabilitative care to kidney failure patients at affordable, subsidised rates. Our philosophy is to care for our patients holistically, aiming to help patients maintain a reasonable quality of life. The NKF also provides health-screening and public education services to raise the communitys awareness on the importance of renal disease prevention.

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