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ends 06 Nov 2021, 11:59 PM

Hi it's Kai and Een!
Ex national boxer.. ex athlete and plenty more other exes.. practically a has been! Ha!
Now we teach! Coaching boxing privately and also at Legends Fight Sport. Together with my ex team mate Solihin (Een), Head Coach at Spartans Boxing, we will be sparring at an event and we will also be raising awareness for the support of Children with Cancer through our very dear.. Love, Nils.

With your support, they can hire difference-making Care Coordinators, offer Open Art Sessions, provide free tickets to concerts and donate new toys to nurture better conditions for children with cancer.

In the fight against cancer, medical treatments tend to become the only source of hope. But guidance, emotional, social and community support are just as crucial. They can sometimes be the difference between life and death. LOVE, NILS works with respected medical and therapeutic professionals to ensure a holistic range of care and support for children with cancer and their caregivers.

So let's do this! Let's share this.. let's put on those gloves and keep punching cancer in the face! Here's to round 1... DING! DING!

About The Charity

At LOVE, NILS we provide support to children with cancer and their caregivers with much needed healthcare guidance, emotional care plus social and community support that will enable them to thrive.

Where do you even begin? Parents seeking treatment for their child have to find their way through complex, often puzzling healthcare systems. Both parent and child face immense challenges to their well-being, such as anxiety, isolation and depression. To stand a better fighting chance, families need guidance, emotional care, a strong community and other forms of support that some hospitals may not be able to fully provide.

THE WORK - Holistic support with a difference.
LOVE, NILS provides families with knowledge, resources and community support at every step of the way. We're the only non-profit in Singapore that raises funds to pay for Care Coordinators who guide patients and caregivers to receive the help they need.

We believe it takes a village to heal a child. And that's why we hold regular toy drives, events, school programs and hospital visits involving many dedicated individuals, to keep children and caregivers socially engaged, hopeful and resilient. This way, they know they're not alone in the fight.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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