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ends 12 Feb 2022, 11:59 PM

For my birthday and the Advent-Christmas season this year, I would like to enlist your help in raising funds towards this cause by the Singapore Red Cross Society. Your contributions will go toward:

"Helping to nurture 80 vulnerable young home-based learning care pack for children under our Young Hearts Tuition and Literacy programme, that includes writing materials and books."

Thank you in advance for your care and generosity! I wish you a joyful, love-filled Advent and a blessed Christmas!

Karen @k.for.kinder

About Campaign

The COVID-19 pandemic has strained healthcare systems, halted travel and tourism, disrupted supply chains and cost lives and jobs globally.

Locally, the lives of the vulnerable whom we serve - people with disabilities, seniors, low-income families, those who have fallen through the cracks - have altered in significant ways that bear longer term repercussions.

Sole breadwinners of families have lost their jobs. Their inability to bring food to the table for their children resulted in much stress and frustrations in their families. They need your help.

You can play your part to uplift the lives of the beneficiaries whom we serve by purchasing one of three specially curated care packages that resonates with you.

Help us appreciate 500 caregivers
$50 for a pamper package

Help 500 elderly poor to alleviate some financial anxiety
-$50 for household essentials

Help to nurture 80 vulnerable young
$50 home-based learning care pack for 80 children

Your gift of a meaningful care package can provide a small token of appreciation for caregivers, alleviate the financial burden of those struggling economically or enrich the minds of young children.

As a community, we can work together during these unprecedented times by showing a little care. Together we can overcome, simply because we are #SGUNITED.

We welcome donations of any amount. Every dollar helps in supporting the well-being of our beneficiaries!

About The Charity

The Singapore Red Cross (SRC) is a homegrown humanitarian organisation dedicated to relieve human suffering, protect lives and dignity and respond to emergencies since 1949. Our blood donor mobilisation programme, home for the disabled, transport aid, food aid, community led action for resilience, community first aid and training derive from our mission to serve the vulnerable.

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