Our Campaign Story

ends 15 Jan 2021, 11:59 PM

This december, our team Bicause have pledged to cycle 500km collectively to support Cycling Without Age (CWA) Singapore. We hope to raise $500 that will go toward CWA's intervention programmes designed to combat social isolation and loneliness amongst vulnerable groups in the community.

We are fundraising for Cycling Without Age Singapore because everyone who's feeling lonely needs to know they are not alone. Someone out there cares enough and we want them to know they are not forgotten.

Why Cycle for Good?

As Singapore opens up in the wake of a global pandemic, Cycling Without Age Singapore have had an influx of requests from organisations requesting to bring out their beneficiaries into the community again after a long period of no outdoor or social activities. Most, if not all, of these beneficiaries have severely suffered from being socially isolated. CWA urgently needs more funds in order to meet this increasing demand and to continue serving those in need in the community into 2021.

About The Charity

Why support Cycling Without Age Singapore?

Our vision is a world in which no senior faces social isolation, and has the opportunity to feel the wind in their hair.

Our mission is to give seniors the chance to feel a part of society. We give them the right to wind in their hair, the right to experience the city and nature close up from the bicycle and the opportunity to tell their stories in the environment where they have lived their lives.

We build bridges between generations and reinforce trust, respect and the social glue in our society.

Thank you for helping us to bring freedom, joy and smiles to the seniors of Singapore.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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