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ends 31 Oct 2020, 11:59 PM

Hi everyone,

For my birthday this year, it would be wonderful to contribute to a cause that helps children with cancer.

Having witnessed first-hand, the effects of cancer and chemotherapy, I would not wish this upon anybody, especially kids who still have their whole life to look forward to. Growing up should be fun and enjoyable for everyone, and children with cancer deserve the same memories as we have. They also deserve the best treatment and positivity, so they can come out of it like superheroes - Mr. Deadpool and his Team Awesome :)

The campaign will run until the end of October. Instead of presents, I'm looking to raise $3,000 for my 30th birthday. Any amount will go a long way! 100% of the gross donations will be donated to the Children's Cancer Foundation.


Much love,

About The Charity

Children's Cancer Foundation (CCF) is a social service agency with a mission to improve the quality of life of children with cancer and their families and children impacted by cancer through enhancing their emotional, social and medical well-being. Founded in 1992, CCF provides children with cancer and their families the much needed support in their battle against the life threatening illness. Over the years, CCF has helped more than 3100 children and their families at different stages of the illness and recovery.

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