Behnouche & Geraldine Farewell

by Geraldine Mostachfi

for Children's Aid Society


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We have lived in Singapore a total of 11 years, and we have learnt to recognise that life is not a paradise for all on the island. For various reasons, some families can not provide for their children, who are then placed in homes. These try to provide the kids with a "normal" life. Children Aid Society is a safe heaven for these kids, we have volunteered there a few times, and are confident to say that there are doing a great job. Thank you Juliana to have introduced us to this inspiring place. We are happy to collect funds for CAS at the occasion of our Farewell Party, a way to give back to a place that offered us so many opportunities, new friendships and new horizons.

About NPO

Melrose Home aims to nurture a supportive home away from home environment for its residents, and has the capacity to provide quality residential care for 80 disadvantaged children and teenagers between the ages of 3 to 18 years.

The Home requires a monthly average of about $120,000 for its operations and about 40% of this cost is provided by Ministry of Social & Family Development as a grant based on the number of children in residence.

However, the major part of the Home's operational costs is funded by donations from corporations, organised groups and well-wishing individuals.

Continued support from donors is needed to provide quality residential care and daily meals, therapeutic and developmental services, enrichment and recreational programmes, and facilities management for our residents.


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