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ends 30 Sep 2021, 11:59 PM

Make a Difference by helping me Fundraise during BCCS's E-Flag Day

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Making a Difference - Let's M.A.D Together! #TogetherOurSGSpirit

Bartley Community Care Services (BCCS) is having our inaugural E-Flag Day this year. TOGETHER we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of the many disadvantaged families, vulnerable children and isolated elderly that BCCS reaches out to. Every contribution counts, your support much appreciated for a small non-profit organisation like BCCS. We earnestly hope that you would support BCCS and be our virtual tin bearers - a bearer of HOPE in this very tumultuous and challenging pandemic times.

The 2021 NDP theme song "The Road Ahead" reminds us that strength is unity, as we journey with the underprivileged in these uncertain times. BCCS needs your support to continue our work to reach the lost and needy, help empower the disadvantaged children and families to rebuild their lives, touching their hearts.

(Simple Steps to Participate as tin-bearer for BCCS E-Flag Day 2021)

1. Go to "Fundraise Now" and start creating your personalised "BCCS E-Flag Day 2021"Fundraising page
(Your campaign story: Why you are supporting BCCS to be a tin- bearer. You may also personalise with your photos and videos, or come up with a fun challenge to help raise funds to support this E-Flag Day campaign)
2. Share your Fundraising Page with your friends and family on your social media and network.

*Provide your details along with your donation into BCCS "virtual tin", amounts $50 and above are eligible for tax deduction.

About The Charity

BCCS provides programmes and services to help the low-income/disadvantaged in the community. We hope to touch their hearts and lives through our personal care and attention. We walk with those in need to give them hope, to get them out of their seemingly helpless predicament, and spur them on in their journey to build their lives with dignity.

Our family-based services and programmes are founded on the belief that every individual deserves a chance to reach his/her potential. BCCS works on the premise that we who are blessed are to share the blessings with those less fortunate in our society through practical help for them. Through our literacy, mentoring, skills training and other family programmes, we reach out to children, youths, seniors and families who are disadvantaged by their circumstances.

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