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ends 25 Oct 2017, 11:59 PM

Ba Ba Black was the only survivor of his litter of 6 puppies at a construction site. The cause of their death is unknown.

When he was found, the workers did not expect him to survived and had already prepared a black garbage bag for his burial. Ba Ba Black has very red eyelids, indicative of poisoning, as well as an open wound on his neck. Medication was applied and his condition monitored.

About 2 weeks later, Ba Ba Black re-appeared during feeding time but stayed afar. Then two nights later, he voluntarily climbed into a rescurer's van on his own and refused to budge, disregarding the rescuers' pleas for him to move. One rescuer then noticed Ba Ba Black was bleeding from his tail, and his body had wounds all over. With further examination, the seriousness of his tail injury became apparent as his tailbone was exposed, requiring urgent attention!

At the vet, even more issues were uncovered! The large open wound at the tail revealed a coccygeal vertebrae with maggot infestation, as well as a ddep wound on his neck. His white blood cell count was high, and his anemia and babesia parasites as well.

Ba Ba Black is now undergoing treatment, with his maggot infestation attended to. A surgical procedure will be required to removed the damaged tissues and stitch up his tail wounds.

This brave little boy courageously reached out to us for help. We don't have the heart to let him down. Please help us raise enough fund for his surgery and medical cost. No amount is too small!

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SOSD is a volunteer-run organisation dedicated to the welfare of Singapore's many street dogs.

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