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ends 30 Nov 2016, 11:59 PM
Boy A: I picked up a wallet belonging to one of our school cleaners. I was deciding if I should return it to him because he just got his pay and there was $310 inside! In the end, I returned. I am such a good boy right?
Youth Worker: I am glad you returned the wallet to him. What would have been your reasons for not returning since you know that the cleaner would only have that $310 for the month?
Boy A: Because I don't have much money also! How to care so much about other people?
Boy B: Ya! If it was me, I would also think if I want to return and if I am bankrupt, I think then it’s reasonable to take.
This conversation was between two student leaders in a uniform group and a youth worker. ECSS values preventive work in the community. We combine the arts and social work to inculcate values of integrity, perseverance, patience and empathy.
We want to set up a café for youths that has art classes in collaboration with schools and artists. There will also be subsidies for needy kids.

About the Charity

Our Vision: Every Home A Happy Home

Our Mission: Touch and Train every Individual to Transform Families

Our Services:
- Gear Up Programme + Youth Outreach
- Triple P + Signpost + Coffee Talks + Family Life Education
- Casework and Counselling
- Functional Fitness Training + NSA Courses + Senior Volunteerism


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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