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ends 30 Nov 2016, 11:59 PM
Boy A: I picked up a wallet belonging to one of our school cleaners. I was deciding if I should return it to him because he just got his pay and there was $310 inside! In the end, I returned. I am such a good boy right?
Youth Worker: I am glad you returned the wallet to him. What would have been your reasons for not returning since you know that the cleaner would only have that $310 for the month?
Boy A: Because I don't have much money also! How to care so much about other people?
Boy B: Ya! If it was me, I would also think if I want to return and if I am bankrupt, I think then it’s reasonable to take.
This conversation was between two student leaders in a uniform group and a youth worker. ECSS values preventive work in the community. We combine the arts and social work to inculcate values of integrity, perseverance, patience and empathy.
We want to set up a café for youths that has art classes in collaboration with schools and artists. There will also be subsidies for needy kids.

About the Charity

Every Home A Happy Home is our Vision since 2013. We have presented community services programmes, using different approaches to support our needy individuals and families.

Our scope of services include:

Promoting Holistic Active Elderly Lifestyle

Engaging After School Hours Student Programme

Create Impacting Family Life Education

Plan and Organise Multiple Community Services Projects


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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