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ends 14 Oct 2018, 11:59 PM

I am turning 9 years old soon and my parents are kind enough to grant me a birthday party this year! Many aunties and uncles have asked me what I would like as presents. I thought for a long while and realised that there's really nothing I want or need that I don't already have (except for a handphone :-P which I'm not allowed!!).

So I've taken this opportunity to ask my mama to help me create this page and link to request for donations in lieu of presents from those who would like to give me something for my birthday. Thank you for helping me to help others. Please don't bring any presents to the party!!

Otherwise, I'm just super happy to have the chance to play with my friends and get muddy together!

- Anais Marmonier :-)

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Children's Aid Society provides a nurturing 'Home away from Home' for vulnerable children and youth (6-18 years old) who are coping with adverse family circumstances or child protection issues.

Continued support from donors will enable us to provide quality residential care and meals, therapeutic and developmental services, enrichment and recreational programmes, and facilities management for the betterment of our residents' interests and needs.


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