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ends 31 Dec 2021, 11:59 PM

Despite the challenging year 2021 has been, Team AMSEA's resilience and solidarity has given us a lot to be thankful for. As we round up our AMSEA30 celebrations, join us once more as we kick off our year-end employee donation drive to extend a helping hand to the less fortunate among us.

This year, AMSEA's participation in Singapore's Giving Week will benefit CampusImpact. CampusImpact is a social service agency helping children from low-income and disadvantaged families. Their aim is to enable children to grow into healthy, fulfilled citizens living with dignity, nurtured by strong families, which will in turn build a strong and cohesive society.

Your donation will enable CampusImpact to continue offering its subsidized academic programs, including enrichment workshops to build emotional resilience, therapy services to help them through traumatic events and cope with mental health challenges, and provide children with the skills and support to thrive despite their challenging circumstances.

Join us as we make a difference in the lives of each child! To increase the impact of your donations, AMSEA will be matching what you give dollar-for-dollar. Any amount you can spare counts, donate now!

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About The Charity

Community Chest is the fundraising and engagement arm of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), which is the national co-ordinating body for social service agencies in Singapore.

The National Council of Social Service (the "Council") was established as a statutory body on 1 May 1992 under the National Council of Social Service Act (Chapter 195A amended in September 2000) (the "Act") and is domiciled in Singapore. The registered office of the Council and principal place of operations is at NCSS Centre, Ulu Pandan Community Building, 170 Ghim Moh Road #01-02, Singapore 279621.

The NCSS Charitable Fund was established on 1 May 2003, as an Institution of a Public Character (IPC) under the Charities Act (Chapter 37) and comprises all the charitable activities of NCSS, including the Community Chest.


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