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ends 10 Nov 2019, 11:59 PM
The participants of our workshops are children predominantly from the less privileged and low socio-economic households who would rarely receive gifts specially for them.

Our workshops aim to empower these children in developing their financial confidence and resilience. With an emphasis on self-awareness, participants identify their inner thoughts and how these beliefs influence their attitudes and behaviours towards money management. During the workshop, we will have conversations, play games to learn money concepts and explore what they can do in their lives.

The half--day workshop will be held during the last week of the December school holidays and also during the 2019 March school holidays.

We would like to bring some joy to our participants by giving them each a gift that is prepared uniquely for them. The gift will include a toy and practical items like school supplies.

These gifts would form teachable moments as they reinforce the concept of sense of identity and spirit of giving, which are covered in our programme.

The crowdfunded amount would also provide meals for these participants when they attend our workshop with any remaining crowdfunded amount used to help us cover the remaining 20% estimated cost of our project that is not covered by the grant.

Details of our program can be found: https://fundamentalcents.com/events/empowering-financial-confidence-and-resilience-in-children-ws1/

Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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