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ends 23 May 2020, 11:59 PM

Hi everyone! I hope you are staying safe (at home)!

I'm 21 this 23rd April!
And since I can't celebrate with my family and friends this year, (and its Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April) I would be grateful if you donated towards a cause close to my heart.

#AimForZero is a campaign by Sexual Assault Care Centre (SACC), AWARE. It campaigns to call for zero tolerance for sexual violence and harassment. Funds will go towards SACC and their first responder training programme. As well as anti-workplace harassment trainings, conducting a national survey on workplace harassment and a sex ed workshop for parents.

SACC is currently Singapore's ONLY sexual assault care centre. SACC aid in counselling, befriending, legal advice, research and many more for sexual assault victims. (more info on their platform!)

Any amount would be greatly appreciated. :)

Share the cause with your friends and family and raise awareness for Sexual Assault Awareness Month!

Whatever you may be going through, you are not alone.

Stay safe and take care.

Thank you!

About Campaign

Aim for Zero (aimforzero.sg) is a national campaign to call for and empower people from all walks of life - whether they are employers, parents, social workers, educators or bystanders - to build a culture of support for those who have survived sexual violence, and commit to ensuring their communities have zero tolerance towards sexual violence.

Your donation will go towards:

(a) Expanding the outreach and capacity of SACC, Singapore's only one-stop support centre for survivors of sexual violence and harassment. The centre saw a 79% spike in cases in October 2017 when #metoo first went viral.

(b) Training more employers and workers on how to manage workplace harassment and implement strong anti-harassment policies and processes. Catalyse Consulting, AWARE's corporate training arm, has seen a 400% increase in training on managing workplace harassment since #metoo.

(c) Conducting educational programmes and workshops for the public on consent, sexual violence and gender equality. AWARE will introduce a new programme to encourage parents to have age-appropriate consent and sexuality education at home, while SACC will work with community groups and the public to run first-responder training workshops to improve the support survivors receive from the moment of disclosure.

(d) Carrying out a national survey on the prevalence of workplace harassment, and other forms of sexual violence

Let's take action to end sexual violence in all its forms.

About The Charity

The Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) is Singapore's leading gender equality advocacy organization. AWARE supports and empowers women on an individual basis and seeks to remove all gender-based barriers that prevent individuals in Singapore from developing their potential to the fullest and realizing their personal visions and hopes. It does this in three ways, namely, research and advocacy, education, and providing social services.

In 2016, AWARE won the Charity Governance Award 2016 for the Medium Charities/IPCs category.

The Charity Governance Awards, (CGA), organised by the Charity Council, aim to promote good governance in the charity sector by acknowledging the excelling work of charities, while inspiring others to emulate their best practices.

AWARE qualified as a candidate for the CGA by becoming a winner of the Charity Transparency Awards (CTA). The CTA recognises charities with good disclosure practices.

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