Our Campaign Story

ends 31 Oct 2018, 11:59 PM

People who know me, even briefly, would know that I love animals especially dolphins:) The wildlife has always been an inspiring and a therapeutic aspect of the world to me.

My stint as a dolphin trainer showed me the importance of research and conservation in order to keep and help this world of the environment alive and thriving. I have always believed that awareness is the first step to change, and research and education contributes towards that first step.

Hence, this year, instead of low-key celebrating my birthday, I decided to channel my birthday wishes into organizing a fundraiser for the Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund (WRSCF)!

The WRSCF seeks to fund projects which make a pragmatic, substantial and long-lasting contribution to local biodiversity research and conservation, which includes elements such as sustainable development, public education and environmental awareness. WRSCF is designed to provide accessible and flexible grants for persons who want to contribute to the conservation of native wildlife species.

So, instead of birthday presents and meal treats, and brainstorming on ideas on what to have, I would rather the money be well spent and donated for a good cause! It does not matter how much you donate. I welcome even a mere $0.10! (Just PM me or rally with others to meet the amount that you can click on)

Thank you so much for your contribution and showing your support for me, which would be the best gift I could ever receive :)

About The Charity

Mandai Nature is jointly established by Temasek and Mandai Park Holdings. It is established in Singapore as a non-profit organisation and an Institution of Public Character. Mandai Nature is dedicated to protecting threatened species, nurturing healthy ecosystems and creating vibrant communities where wildlife and people can thrive and co-exist, in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Through collaborations with like-minded partners, Mandai Nature aims to protect threatened species from extinction, especially those endemic to Asia and often overlooked, including addressing issues of wildlife trade and the fragmentation of habitats. It drives nature-based solutions for climate change focusing on green and blue carbon including protecting and restoring tropical forests, mangroves and peatlands, while working closely with local communities and organisations to create economic opportunities and invest in building skills and conservation capacity on the ground.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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